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Fincatur – Sustainable fincas for suistanable future



Permaculture and energy.

The integration of the farm in the environment and its initial construction is absolute, in addition our commitment to sustainable tourism and sustainable living in general, is total.

Fincatur moves 100% with photovoltaic energy and is not connected to the grid, it is totally self-sufficient, currently generates around 5kw constant, depending on the weather, although it is more than enough every year the installation is expanded and so it is planned keep happening in the future. All surplus generated energy is used to charge accumulators or batteries that ensure the supply of energy at night or when there is no sun. Even so, when the batteries are fully charged and the energy demand is lower than what is being produced, this excess energy is derived to two functions; heat water and move the pumps of the purifier.

As for water, it is extracted from its own well by means of a solar pump that goes to a cistern of about 30 cubic meters. the excess water is treated in special pits and then used to water one of our crops, the paulownia tree.


As for the generation of domestic hot water, it works with an electric heater that heats the water through solar panels. The hot water of the heating is generated by the large chimney in the living room by means of a water tank located inside the chimney and part of the smoke outlet, these heat the water and by means of a pump the water is distributed all the House stays generating around 14kw to the air and 12 kw to the water




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